Palm (Obsolete) Modification History

System is still in testing stage. If you find a bug, or you find some aspect of the system particularly annoying, or we have fixed a bug incorrectly, please let us know! We will fix it and post an updated system on our web site .


Conduit MR100303

Mod to stop the hot-sync looping on latest windows systems.

MR_080314_HH (Uses Conduit MR071024 or later)

The options button Set all records as changed never worked properly (I have had several goes at it!) - It does now! This is important as if you have to move to another computer you can press this button it will set all the customers items/cancellations/payments as changed. Hot syncing on the new computer will copy the whole file which will be read properly when doing HH functions 2 - (thanks Andrew!)

MR_071028_HH (Uses Conduit MR071024 or later)

On Dairy system HH it was possible to enter values greater the permissable by system.(fixed).

Weekly totals have been rounded to the nearest penny to agree with PC system.

Conduit MR071024

In cases where the amount BFWD had been changed on PC by setting a payment in past weeks then mini-rolling-forward-yes back to current week. If a payment was entered on the HH then the amount BFWD was reset to old amount on hot-sync. This now nolonger happens.

MR_070623_HH (Uses Conduit MR040911 or later)

Date on Delivery Note would go missing when user browsed other programs on HH (fixed).

MR_070510_HH (Uses Conduit MR040911 or later)

System Options added Don't Show Payment Totals as one user was having serious problems with a collector.

System Options the options Protect Past Days and Don't Show Payment Totals are both not shown on the options list when they are selected (so unauthorised people won't know what options there are working against them). You can get them to show by entering password.

MR_070330_HH (Uses Conduit MR0040911 or later)

System will print 2 copies if the "Print 2 Delivery Notes" option is ticked OR if a “show cash” customer.

MR_070328_HH (Uses Conduit MR0040911 or later)

a) Added Vat No and Telephone No to Delivery Notes.

b) Add print 2 delivery notes option in options page - Click on Milk Round Software on front of first page.

c) The printer default of 10pt font size is no longer set.

MR_070130_HH (Uses Conduit MR040911 or later)

Cash Items not being added to total on HH...fixed! (Thanks Chris Hewson).

MR_060802_HH (Uses Conduit MR040911 or later)

In options menu ( click Milk Round Software on front page ) “Set All Items as Changed” – a) Does not set protect past days in error.

b) Now sets all items, payments, cancellations as changed. This is a crowbar for Get all the data from the HH and back into the main system.

MR_050924_HH (Uses Conduit MR040911 or later)

Delivery notes no long show item numbers.

MR_050716_HH (Uses Conduit MR040911 or later)

The last customer on the “Add Item” list not displaying properly.

MR_050621_HH (Uses Conduit MR040911 or later)

if you pay a customer “by token” and tick the pay by cheque box for extra payment,

the handheld crashes…fixed (thanks Andrew)

Unable to kill payments entered to a Day Payer…fixed (thanks Andrew)

Modified system so that the most used items are at the top if the items list when adding items.

Items added to the loading list without any quantity delivered are now saved.

MR_050212_HH (Uses Conduit MR040911 or later)

Use of the Plus / Minus in MR_050210_HH causes HH to crash!

These buttons now do not work on cash items but do on others. (thanks Graham Collicutt)

MR_050210_HH (Uses Conduit MR040911 or later)

HH not displaying correct prices when customer discount is in force.

The Plus / Minus buttons now do not work on cash items which could cause HH to crash.

The delivery note printing not printing more than 8 items ...fixed (buffer size increased from 1000 to 2500).

MR_050124_HH (Uses Conduit MR040911 or later)

HH not displaying correct prices when customer discount is in force.

Milk1 - HH not displaying correct values for Cheese Weights and Cash items this may have caused HH hanging!

MR_041209_HH (Uses Conduit MR040911 or later)

When setting a Token Payment the “changed” flag was not set so the payment was not transferred to PC (thanks Andrew Davies).

MR_041204_HH (Uses Conduit MR040911 or later)

Printing of cash items and cheese weight items now take place on correct day

MR_040912_HH (Uses Conduit MR040911 or later)

Added Tokens to HH payments screen.

Added Protect past days from change to HH option screen. Password is "ACDC" to undo.

Added warning to system of "killed" payment on HH.

MR_040726_HH (Uses Conduit MR031004 or later)

Added Beep on Page Up/Down button on delivery list if order difference exists. This function can be turned on/off via check box on options page by clicking "Milk Round Software" title on front page. The Volume can be changed by changing the prefs - game sound preferences (thanks Andrew Davies).

HH mixed cash+cheques not storing from HH to PC correctly. If you checked the By Cheque box then it worked if you pressed the Chk Value button it did not transfer the cheque value to PC...does now.

MR040625_HH (Uses Conduit MR031004 or later)

When using Cancel Day button with alternate week items the whole week would be deleted (on alternate weeks). Fixed! (thanks Andrew).

MR040314_HH (Uses Conduit MR031004 or later)

Added a confirmation to Cancel Day button. A new user was finding days deleted due to inexperienced operator.

Cancel Day was only deleting first item (after MR_040302 mod) fixed.

MR040302_HH (Uses Conduit MR031004 or later)

A possible bug when adding/editing alternate orders on HH. There is a 1 in 256 chance of data being corrupted…fixed. (thanks Richard Dunn)

MR031211_HH (Uses Conduit MR031004 or later)

Always offer the last invoice value when setting payment values.

Fortnightly orders not being actioned when stepping alternate weeks forward – is now.

Cancels entered on HH (other that Cancel 1) not applied to the current week – is now.

MR031014_HH (Uses Conduit MR031004 or later)

Click on Milk Round Software on front page to see new command. Set all records as changed allows you to upload the whole data to the PC. This is useful if the hotsync crashes and leave some data not transferred.

Conduit MR031004

The has been a low level of occurrence bug which manifest itself as a corrupt CCC file.

We don't know what is causing the problem but it appears to be more prevalent among new HH users. Whatever the cause, small amounts of rubbish data were being transferred by the conduit into the ccc file. The new conduit "Conduit_MR031004" checks the validity of the data before transfer to CCC file.

MR030720_HH (Uses Conduit MR030103 or later)

Added code to allow use of Cycle orders.

MR030621_HH (Uses Conduit MR030103 or later)

You used to be able to use Grafiti input on the delivery list screen to edit quanities. I changed the development system then you couldn’t – bug in compiler I think. I have moded the code to allow for this it now works. (thanks Robert Wiseman Dairies)

MR030107_HH (Uses Conduit MR030103 or later)

Nice Colourful Calendar used in Cancelling now disabled for Palm IIIx terminals only (it caused them to crash). (thanks Ian Turner)

MR030104_HH (Uses Conduit MR030103 or later)

In payment screen Pay Date text is correct length for short days and months so 4/1 is displayed instead of 4/100. Day Payer text is now properly deleted when displaying next customer.

MR030103_HH (Uses Conduit MR030103 or later)

HH code enhanced to work with Palm OSv5.0 as on the Palm Tungsten (thanks Andy).

Cancellation Calendar uses colour system as on Tungsten.

BUG found in using right arrow button on an Alternative Week to change week number.

BUG found in the creation of an Alternative Week in coming (next) year – all items deleted. (thanks Graham Collicut).

HH code and Conduit Modified to transfer and display the Last Paid to and from HH.

MR021016_HH (Uses Conduit MR020826 or later)

Added PageUp and PageDown buttons to Payments Screen (work as Prev & Next customer buttons).

Added PageUp and PageDown buttons to Edit Week Screen (work as Prev & Next customer buttons).

Loading List not working properly if stock list abbreviations had not been input.

Loading List not working properly on Dairy System.

Conduit MR020826

When an old Week file had been left on HH from previous week (due to not hot-syncing twice when deleting file HH_Function 3) all edits done to the current week file were lost. This version does the search for files on HH correctly and will work properly even if files are left from previous weeks.

MR020630_HH (Uses Conduit MR020615 or later)

Found bug in HH code! Error deleting items in alternate order for weeks ahead. If you:-

  1. Create an alternate order for week two weeks ahead.
  2. Create an alternate order for week one week ahead.
  3. Delete order for two weeks ahead.
  4. Create an alternate order for week two weeks ahead.
  5. System will crash!

Customer will not appear in list. Conduit may crash. (thanks Mr. Mott)

MR020619_HH (Uses Conduit MR020615 or later)

Items with the same abbreviation were not being added together as in PC system …they are now! (thanks Mr. Muscroft)

Conduit MR020615

Seems a line in code got deleted. Anyway Ordered collection lists now get transferred correctly! (thanks Mr. Muscroft)

MR020612_HH (Uses Conduit MR020511 or later)

If bad records are encountered during initial parsing of data the system now displays the number of bad records just above the MR… version number.

MR020608_HH (Uses Conduit MR020511 or later)

Moded system to withstand bad data more robustly. (thanks Mr. Muscroft)

Open records closed on exiting MilkRS...long over due!

HH would crash when making Differences list if no items in

standing order whilst items in weekly...fixed.(thanks Mr. Muscroft)

HH would crash when making Flag list if data was screwed. (thanks Mr. Muscroft)

Make INCLUDE the default when making flag lists.

Save delivery/payment screen when another application is opened and

restored when MilkRS is restarted.

Place highlight on the ?? after add item on HH*** (thanks Graham Collicutt)

MR020511_HH (Uses Conduit MR020511 or later)

Loading List displaying Vat Number (yes there is a reason and yes it is a bug) thanks Andy)

Paid Some value entry form now modified to allow use of screen Keyboard. When viewing cheque values the text is now selected so any keyboard input wipes the existing value.

On the Paid Some value entry form. If the Last Invoice value is less than the Amount BFwd then a button Last Invoice = 12.34 shows the last invoice value. If this button is pressed this amount is transferred to the input string.

LOW Occurrence Bug - Do check payment totals on HH against total payments on PC after syncing. Andy gets the occasional bug where by the last payment on HH is not being transferred!

MR020325_HH (Uses Conduit MR020306 or later)

OOPS! Buttons in Payment Screen and in Cancellation Input did not display correctly…do now. It is recommended that you load this version on to your HH.

MR020321_HH (Uses Conduit MR020306 or later)

Use this version on Palm OS 3.1 or later versions. All bugs shown up on debugger ROMS have been fixed. It is recommended that you load this version on to your HH.

MR020312_HH (Uses Conduit MR020306 or later)

Use this version on Palm OS 3.5 versions only! If you used the previous version then go into data on HH and exit (after loading this version and before using HH for editing data).

A new version will be posted soon.

MR020227_HH (Uses Conduit MR020306 or later)

Small mod to conduit to ensure record ID is stored in CCC file after change to PC data.

Made changes so that if you have two items the same and edit the second the changes are transferred from HH to PC. Previously, Ian Shaw who delivers alternate days had problems should now be fixed!

MR020227_HH (Uses Conduit MR011219 or later)

Fixed two small bugs which caused the Palm IIIx to crash.

Stopped the second line of the address over-writing the buttons at bottom of screen.

Stopped the ‘-*’ being printed if the secord line of the address was not present.

MR020102_HH (Uses Conduit MR011219 or later)

Added preferences screen (click on Milk Round Software the front page title).

Options include Customer Numbers and Show Name & Address.

Added Text Search button to front page as in main system.

MR011221_HH (Uses Conduit MR011219 or later)

Modified the action of the NEXT and PREV buttons in payment screen. They sometimes did not work correctly.

Added customer number to payment screen in the wrong position. I may change it later.

Added help to main menu.

(Use MR010928_HH)

Small change to prevent GOT CULPRIT bug {FILL(…size-1)}.

MR011101_ Conduit (Use MR010928_HH)

Some changes to better help prevent data loss during hot-syncs.

MR010928_HH (Uses Conduit_MR011023)

MR011023_ Conduit

Some minor changes made to conduit database routines (changed chars to unsigned chars).

MR010928_HH (Uses Conduit_MR010902)

Added speed buttons to Add Item list.

CanDay button showing when in Payment list.

MR010922_HH (Uses Conduit_MR010902)

If a Day Payer had made a payment earlier in the week the In Full and PaySome buttons were not displayed.

Note when using Differences list you have a menu item Fill In Gaps if you need to make changes to a customer not on list.

MR010908_HH (Uses Conduit_MR010902)

Added single day differences. Please check that these agree with PC system and thereare no omissions…feedback wanted.

Added prices to item titles on week edit screen * denotes special price.

Added prices to add item list. NO special prices show.


Will display ordered collection lists and flags sets in payment screens. There has been extensive modes so there may be bugs!


Will now transfer ordered collection lists.


After extensively testing DB routines in conduit there are a few cosmetic changes.


Chk Value button erased if no payment made. Some users where confusing Cheque Value with Paid Some.

In Payment screen the ‘-‘,’+’, ‘Items’ & ‘Del Note’ buttons have been removed.

Stopped payment IN FULL button working on negative sums owed.

Gave option not to have customer numbers down right hand side. Display options will develop.


Problem with corruption of ccc file now solved (I believe). Do keep checking CCC file integrity.

The MR8_Installer now installs the Milk1 program file on all HH terminals automatically.

(It did on Sunday – it didn’t on Monday) Please use Install (Palm Desktop) and install c:\Palm\Milk1.prc.


Payment totals were one day out and crashed when cheque value set. Programming error.

The MR8_Installer now installs the Milk1 program file on all HH terminals automatically.

8th Aug 2001 - New System

Day Payers now working on HH feedback please.

The HH system (front screen) and the conduit (top of log) now have a Version/Date on them do make sure you are using the latest versions.

3rd Aug 2001 - New System

Now available with dairy system (please call).

HH System is now distributed with MR8_Installer and loaded automatically. Changes to conduit Milk.dll will work with no other action required. Changes to the HH system code require you to load this each time you down load from the system from the website.

25th July 2001

Delivery note now shows cash if tick box ticked in customer details on main system + many changes.

12th June 2001

System being tested by Eddie Occulstone (1x Palm IIIxc). Made changes to Conduit for security reasons. You can now authorise testing mode.

8th June 2001

System being tested by Andy Challoner (5x Palm IIIxc terminals see Forum) Getting good feedback.