Android Hand Held User References:-

Lee Smith, , M.D. Smith’s Dairies LTD, Macclesfield….Tel 01625 616178 /

Here at Smith’s Dairies, we have been using the MR software for 4 years, starting with our first round, and are currently running 10 rounds all using the MR Android software.

Having previously worked for Dairy Crest we were used to using their system and their handhelds, and were amazed at how easy and user friendly the android system was. The Dairy Crest system would only show 1 customer at a time and the screen was very hard to see, whereas the Android system would act like a continuous page that you can scroll down.

If anyone is looking to try the software, I would recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab, 1 or 2. As you can purchased the Defender cases that are very robust and protect the tablet perfectly.

As with all new software there are “bugs” that need to be ironed out, and if you are unlucky enough to find one (vary rare after all these years) Steve will have it fixed in no time.

All in all this is the best Milk delivery software we have seen, having looked at all available and would recommend it to anyone.

Adam and Susan Tootle, Nr Clitheroe….Tel 01254 826049 /

Just a short note to let you know how pleased we are with the ‘MILK’ App we have for our android smart phones.

Before milk round software everything was done via the rounds book. Although this was laborious we always had all our customer details to hand.

Then, came M.R.S. wow so time saving, bills printed, loading list, collecting list, weekly summaries all done at the touch of a button, but all the customer details were on the desktop at home. If a customer wanted to pay other than a collecting day it was guess work.

Then, came ‘MILK’ App a ‘revelation’ everything in one place, on your phone and who doesn’t always have there phone? There have been teething problems but as soon as you can you get them fixed and the update is ready to be downloaded.

We have two milk rounds and a water cooler business, both are delivery businesses, and so ‘MILK ‘can be used for both.
We now have the facility to email and text our customers all built in to the software. I can’t tell you how much this saves in stamps at fifty pence a time But probably the best feature of ‘MILK’ is how easy it is to use. I’m no technical wizard, but I get by. Susan on the other hand is a total technophobe. That said when I first downloaded the App, she tried it and has never looked back, ‘so easy everything to hand.

I have no hesitation in recommending the ‘MILK’ App!

Andrew Challoner AMS, South Wirral….Tel 0151 336 6508 /

Well the years roll on and so does technology............. thankfully Steve 'moves with the times' also, enter the replacement for the Palm hand helds - the hand held terminal based around the Android operating system (commonly found on many phones and tablets). I have been using the new android based system since it's inception and can honestly say - it is more comprehensive, more robust, quicker and well worth the upgrade............ I have tested and used the system on Motorola Defy's (running 'Gingerbread'), Samsung Galaxy 3's (running 'Jelly Bean') and lately the Nexus 7 inch Tablet (running 'Ice Cream Sandwich'). The transitions from one device to another are simply as are the wi-fi transfers of data back to the P.C. when rounds return ............. Go forward and don't look back.................

John Isherwood /

Fantastic saves me a lot of time We are a wholesale company and it works great for us, it saves me a lot of time in the morning when all our drivers return back to the office one click and all the data is synced across to the main pc. it works great with bluetooth printers, so were able to give each customer a receipt for the days delivery.

??? / Un-known

Saves a lot of time I am really impressed with this App, i have over 600 customers and it makes everything easier. And if you think it needs something else a quick message to Steve and he sorts it out,, the same can be said for any problems that come that you have well worth the money.

Mark Fortune - Milkman for Great Sutton Ellesmere Port /

I would say that milkround software is an excellent app it gives me the confidence to do my my business without the the stress and errors that the the old fashioned roundsbook would give you. In a world where people look at computers and they feel secure that their information and their delivery is correct and accurate, this gives them great confidence in me. I would say that steve has brought this software so far forward and still is very proactive.

Rob Lyon /

I have a small doorstep round of approx 450 customers and have progressed from the Palm device to the present Android app with the help of a motorola defy phone which sits in its cradle in the cab. It's so simple to operate literally anyone can use it, one of the most important advantages to me is I can input all changes to customers orders, payments and instructions as I get them and then transferring data to and from the main computer only takes a few seconds. I am sure that using the android app saves me even more time each week. I have to say I cannot imagine being in this business without MRS and the android app.