Steve Hall - Milk Round Software

Studied at Cranfield University (formerly College of Aircraft Design and Cranfield Institute of Technology) for a Masters Degree in Aircraft Design before joining British Aerospace at Brough as project designer in 1970. Showing an interest in computers he was soon working on the first Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems. By 1980 he had written about 80% of one of the first 3D wire frame inter-active CAD systems which was used on the design of the HAWK, Airbus and BA146 designs.

He then went on to convert 20 ageing machine tools to DNC (direct numerical control) used in the machining operations on parts for these aircraft.

He made the first Milk Round Software system for a local BMB in 1988 which ran on the then modern Amstrad 8512 computer. In 1994 he left BAe to concentrate on Milk Round Software.

He is particularly interested in making computer systems that a)WORK, b)ARE EASY TO USE, c)ARE ROBUST (they don't let you down) and d)ARE COST EFFECTIVE.

The system is as good as it is because a number of very demanding users have required it to solve their particular problem. If you have suggestions let Steve know.

Watch this space - greater things to come!