Running Android App on Your Computer

They could have made it easier. Follow the instructions below:-

Things you need on your PC:-

1) You need the Google Chrome browser Get it Here... There is no need to make Chrome your default browser so untick both boxes.

2) Create a folder somewhere on your PC called "ARC-Welder" then download the Android Milk_21 App Get it Here... and copy it into the ARC-Welder folder.

3) Open Google Chrome and search for Arc Welder App Download or (preferred) right click on this link
Get it Here then Save Link Location. Paste the saved link into the Chrome address bar and press enter. Then click item 3 Get ARC Welder app

4) Run the ARC Welder App. It will ask you to select the Arc-Welder folder you defined earlier. Then click the Launch App button.

5) Click the Test Your APK button. Find the Arc-Welder folder and select the Milk_21.apk you downloaded earlier. The wait until you get to the Milk 2.1 icon showing.

6) Click the Portrate, Phone and No radio-buttons on the right hand side then click Launch App. The App should show.

App Testing on PC.

This method has been tested on Windows 8.1 system and seemed to work. I tried to load it on a Windows XP machine it would not load.

It has not been tested extensively most functions appear to work. Use the Esc key on the keyboard for the Back button on the phone/tablet. The three vertical dots at the top right hand side of the screen are the menu button. Do read the menu on the front page and where ever the button is displayed.

I did a Hotsync from the app running on my Windows 8.1 machine with MR8 running on my XP machine - it worked. You will need to setup the phone via. Android Hotsyncer

Try out with Test Data:-

On the front page of the phone app click menu - then Import Test Data File. Play with test data. The test data only delivers on Mon, Wed, Fri amp; Sat. DO NOT HOT SYNC TEST DATA! When finished got back to front page click menu - Delete Weekfile

Delivery List Help.

Long Press on Customer Name.

This brings up a sub menu for:-
"Show All Items" move name to top of screen and show all items.
"Cancel - Day"
"Cancel - Period"
"Edit Week
"Add Item"
"Make Payment"
"Print Del Note" - (as yet via. bluetooth on Zebra printers only)
"Get Fix" - it should get a fix to within 5 metres.
"Get Directions" - to next customer - I never got this bit working properly.

Press delivery Item.

Change quantity of listed item. Differences from Standing Order are shown in red. Changes you have made show in green.

Swipe on Customer Name.

Cancel Screen <-(right to left) Delivery List (left to right) -> Payment View -> Week View (swipe in opposite direction to get back).

Menu Options.

"Goto Last Cust"
"Display Names"
"Show Only Deliveries"
"Show This Help"

WeekView Help.

Click on Day.

Cancel all items on this day.

Short Press on Item Abreviation.

Shows full item name and price for this customer.

Long Press on Item Abreviation.

Delete Item
Change Item
Change Item from today.
This preserves any deliveries made earlier in the week but changes the item in Standing Order and This Week.

Click on item/day

To change quantity - full item title and price are displayed at top left.

This Week spinner.

Allows you to select Standing Order/ This Week/ Next Week....etc

Long click when showing Standing Order - displays menu to Copies all changed (Added) items to This Week.