Milk Round Software Contact Details

Email Address

Our Address:-

Milk Round Software
39 Farriers Lea
Haywards Heath
W. Sussex
RH16 4FS


Call Steve Hall Tel:(+44) 0161 408 5022 (preferred) - will be patched through to where I am - even abroad. Please let it ring for at least one minute for the patching to happen, during which time the dial tone may change, and to give me time to answer it.

Experiencing problems with that number?

Please call me on:- Tel. 01444 416932 or 07947 606 635

If you can't contact me you aren't trying hard enough!

I provide support "free of charge" during office hours so don't expect me to return calls to left messages.

We check our emails several times daily so that is a very good way to keep in contact. Or Skype Me (skype name = milkroundsoftware) :-

If you are having problems with the MR systems we would rather you called us to sort them out. If you have any suggestions or have found a bug etc. please call or email us.

The system is as good as it is because a number of very demanding users have required it to solve their particular problem. If you have suggestions let Steve know!

We would prefer that updates were taken directly from this site rather than having to distribute CDs.