DOS based system references:-

Retyped letter from Margaret Redfearn, Wighill, Tel . 01937 833688

My husband and I discovered Milk Round Software just over 2 years ago through a advertisement in Milk Industry, when it was imperative that we found a computer system due to problems from writing out 400 invoices each month by hand. I did not know the first thing about computers, but found the manual easy to understand and Steve Hall is always at the other end of the telephone if I have any queries. I started producing monthly invoices from the system, and introduced other things as I gained confidence. There is also a big saving in time and money by not having to write out milk books by hand. Loading lists, delivery and collection lists, end of week summaries etc. are all produced at the push of a button. Since installing the system, we have felt able to expand our business and buy a third round which we would not have considered otherwise. I have thoroughly enjoyed helping Steve to develop his new version and I like very much the flexibility of it, and the new things he has introduced. Whether it is for one round or several, I would certainly recommend a demonstration from Milk Round Software before deciding which computer system to buy.

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Retyped letter from Dave Benton, Buttercrambe, Tel. 01759 72462

Since purchasing Milk Round Software we were so impressed with it's performance when the chance arose to help test version 6 we couldn't wait to get started, that was three months ago. The time that is saved through out the whole paper work side of the business has been increased dramatically. Records are efficiently stored on the computer for up to one year and easily recalled for reference. The system copes with a variety of daily tasks which a milkman faces. It supplies you with relevant information whether it be delivering, ordering, cancellations (single day or holidays) collecting, whether weekly or fortnightly. All accounts can be fully itemised or listed in short form. What we found most beneficial was the time saved whilst delivering our milk because delivery lists are so easy to follow. Producing our monthly accounts is a much easier task due to all the information being available in the computer ready to be printed. I would recommend this system to anyone.

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Retyped letter from Tim Robinson, Knaresborough, Tel 01423 860020

... I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your help and advice, and to say how much easier life has been since the advent of your computer software! Although a bit fraught in the early stages, we are new really enjoying the various aspects of it.

However! we do have a problem, we do not seem able to get the alternate weekly orders to work.... We have followed the instructions, but still must be missing something - goodness knows what. (forgot to set the quantity).

Thank you again for your help and guidance. It is nice to know that, in case of trouble, we can always contact you.

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Retyped letter from Mr. Mike Pratley, Charlbury, OXFORD, Tel 01608 810534

....The 'Milk Round Software' package is very user friendly, any mistakes made can be easily rectified with no adverse effect. Since 'going live' we have needed to contact Steve Hall on three occasions. Each time Steve replied in a very prompt and professional manner, all queries that were raised, were answered with no detrimental effect to the performance of the package. In reality, with the help of Steve, we have now got a system, tailor made for our business.....

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Retyped letter from Graham Stubbs, Idle, Bradford, Tel 01274 612931

The Milk Round Software system was originally installed to save me time and paperwork. Since installation I have found many useful advantages using the system. It takes away the chore of preparing the books for collecting, and tallying up on Saturdays is easy now - the computer does it once the information is fed in. It enables me to employ people to deliver the milk and collect monies, knowing that anyone can follow the roundbook sheets, and the receipts - thus making fewer errors. This all helps increase customer satisfaction, which makes for better relations. It provides all customers with a weekly, fortnightly or monthly bill, itemising everything that has been delivered, showing the customer exactly what he/she has paid for. The loading lists enable me to accurately order the milk required for a particular days delivery and the 'end of week summary' helps me watch the gallonage on the round and also sale of other goods, which now thanks to the adverts on the receipts play an ever increasing role in the milk-round. Over this last two years since adopting the system our Egg sales have increased 47%, Potatoes sales increased 45%, and pop sales increased 164%. Milk gallonage has increased from 57 to 111 gallons per day. The reason for the increase lies with computerising, hard work, and determination to offer the customers what they want - a FIRST CLASS DOORSTEP SERVICE. Before I had the system I used to have to pay out for leaflets - no more the receipts do that job now.

I am not a computer boffin and I have found the system extremely easy to use, and very forgiving should you make a mistake. The help from Steve Hall is excellent should I ever get into difficulties.

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Retyped letter from Janet Weyman, Drybrook Glous, Tel . 01594 542008

Well, I did it! After two years of trying to persuade my husband how easy it was going to be... he was not convinced. His reply was always "I've been using milk rounds books for twenty five years and I'm not about to change now!" I went ahead without him. I bought the computer equipment and was recommended by a friend to try the "Milk Round Software" programme written by Steve Hall. With over five hundred customers it took several days with some phone calls to the very helpful Steve. After getting over the inevitable teething troubles the program is up and running very successfully. No more writing out over one hundred monthly accounts, which took up the whole of a Sunday. Even my husband has to admit "bookwork" has never been so easy! I would most definitely recommend Milk Round Software to anyone.

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Retyped letter from Heather Watson, Cowling, West Yorks, Tel. 01535 632659

As a stranger to computers, I felt somewhat apprehensive with regard to running and managing a business on one. However, I soon discovered Milk Round Software to be ideal for the inexperienced, with excellent after sales support.

The itemised receipts present customers with a professional aspect, which is reflected in customer confidence and buying habits. Sales on sundries have increased whilst using the advertisement facility on the receipts. I have also introduced a wider range of products in response to improved customer contact.

I now feel I am in full control of the business, (instead of it controlling me). The system offers me a comprehensive range of lists and information, from deliveries and forecasts, to summaries of trading and payments. With running costs of approximately two pounds per week, it has proved to be an efficient and invaluable asset to the management of the Milk Round.

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Press Release

Award Winning Dairy buys Milk Round Software.

Robert Wiseman's Dairy of East Kilbride, winner of the Scottish Dairy Marketing Award 1993, has announced the purchased a second batch of 10 computer systems from Milk Round Software.

The systems, which are to be operated from home by the company's franchise milkmen, will allow all of the company's customers to receive an itemised bill.

Malcolm Murray, the distribution manager for Wisemans's stated this move is to satisfy the customers demand for an itemised bill with a marketing message, get the franchisee to be more professional and have better control of his business, whilst giving the dairy better oversight of the round and accuracy of round books for use by relief delivery men.

Milk Round Software was chosen for it's flexibility and ease of use.

( Robert Wiseman Dairies currently runs 200 Milk Round Software systems.)

(plus 3 Networked Depot Systems)

(Scottish Pride, Scotland's largest dairy, is also using both systems)

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Retyped letter from Ken Knowles, Anglesey, Tel. 01248 450753

We have now been running four rounds with the MILK ROUND SOFTWARE system for about ten months. What a difference it has made! From our roundmens point of view it means no more writing out books, no head scratching about what to order for tomorrow and an increased commission from increased sales as well. From our point of view it means very good control of balances and debts as well as instant information on sales, promotions and such things as customer counts. To produce all round books for the week, an invoice and a receipt for each customer and a list for each roundsman of what to order for each day takes about four hours printing time weekly. Last Christmas was the easiest ever. Nothing short, nothing over, no hassle, unbelievable! The only thing that would be useful but unfortunately the system can't do is to actually deliver the milk, but at the price what do you expect?

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Retyped letter from John Gregory, Wheatley Hill, Durham, Tel. 01429 820340

As a producer retailer with four milk rounds and 500 acres of arable land to take care of, finding simple program that would do everything we needed was quite important to us. Most programs seemed to be lacking in some way, or meant spending a lot of money and getting tied with maintenance contracts.

We then found MILK ROUND SOFTWARE. Quite a cheap program giving what we were looking for and simple to use. Being inexperienced with computers the handbook was put in the bottom drawer, Steve Hall talked us through the initial set-up over the phone. Transferring information from the old round books took us some time but it was satisfying to think of no more writing out round books every nine weeks. Minor problems turned out to be operator error, easily rectified via. a phone call to Steve.

One problem for us was that we have over 200 people whose bills are paid for by relatives or neighbours. Within a couple of days Steve came up with 'Proxy Payers' this enables the balance from the absent call to be added to the person who would be paying... sounds complicated but it works!

In December 93 I spoke to Steve about the possibility of using a 'palm-top' computer (not to be mistaken for a lap-top) for use on the doorstep when collecting. MRSMALL was supplied for use on the palm-top computer giving full editing facilities in front of you while collecting (put in the holiday/changed order etc. before you forget it). Transfer of data back to the desk top machine takes only seconds. Using a Sharp PC3000 with memory card gives me access to back weeks data making checking of totals/past deliveries possible. Batteries are lasting around four weeks which I think is quite good.

We are very satisfied with MILK ROUND SOFTWARE and would recommend anyone to try it for its many facilities, performance, and cost effectiveness.

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Retyped letter from Ian Simmonds, Weston Underwod Derby, Tel. 01773 550685

I always considered myself to be computer illiterate and relied upon old and trusted methods of book-keeping and billing. After some gentle persuasion from my family I agreed to a demonstration fo the system from Milk Round Software, available from Steve Hall.

Although sceptical at first I was pleasantly surprised to see how much of a time saver it has become. The computer has put my business on a more professional level, the printing of bills is just one aspect of this multi-faceted system. But this alone is so successful that I now provide a more streamlined service for my customers. The excellent back-up service I received from Steve gave us the confidence to grow in this area and I know that this will prove beneficial to make my business a success!

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Retyped letter from Hazel Morrison, Auchterarder, Perthshire. Tel. 01764 662369

It was in August this year that I first heard of Milk Round Software. We have had our own milk round business for about 40 years but added to it a franchise of a large dairy. We therefore employed another two people and at that point I found the book system most unsatisfactory. It took hours to mark up every roundsmans book and keep control. Had we not computerised I am sure we would have given up as we spend many hours until late at night checking books!

Milk Round Software was an absolute Godsend! A month was spent setting the system, but now it is tremendous, no books to mark and calculate, totals are all added up to correspond to weekly deliveries. It there are discrepancies we can easily find the reason for the differences. Monthly accounts are so easy to print out and keep control of.

This is a very clever and reasonably priced system. If you are still doing your books manually - do not hesitate - buy MILK ROUND SOFTWARE.

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Retyped letter from Steve Farrow, York Tel. 01904 410236

Having had absolutely no experience with computers, I was very apprehensive some two years ago when thinking of using a computer to run my milk-round. After a 'phone call to Steve Hall of Milk Round Software followed by a demonstration and the backing of a money-back guarantee confidence was built up enough to take the plunge. The system was delivered four to five weeks before Christmas. Getting started was made surprisingly easy by following the step by step instructions in the manual, the on-screen 'help' functions and Steve on the end of the 'phone. In no time at all I was ready for the chaos of Christmas! Two years on I can count on one hand the number of times I have had to call Steve with a query, which is great testament to the simplicity of the software. I would have no hesitation in recommending this software to anyone starting from scratch with a new milk round, or thinking of changing from an existing method of running their round.

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Retyped letter from J & D Houlahan, Chipping Norton, Tel . 01608 642884

Not being computer minded and never having used one we found this system ideal. Extremely easy and very clear, one customer on the screen at a time with room to book up to 30 different items, is ideal for us as we deliver newspapers & magazines with the milk etc. the 500 items on the stock file also helps.

The delivery lists are nice and clear showing a whole week across the page, which helps if you've forgotten to book something. However, if you match the loading list with your returns, you will have everything booked in. There is a choice of bills and a shock management file. Even you could use this system!

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Retyped letter from David Clark, North Duffield, Tel. 01757 288880

For Milk and Newspapers this system is a must. It's simple and easy to follow screens are self explanatory and very little of experience of computers is required in its use. I soon mastered the system and now, after five years I would not be without it. If I have any difficulties Steve is always on the end of the phone with an excellent back-up service. The system does all I require of it and much more besides. With 150 monthly accounts the end of the month is now not something to dread. With the time saved (thanks to the Milk Round Software system) work is no longer the hassle it used to be!

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Retyped letter from Steve Cooper, Sheffield, Tel. 01142 399839

I am a fifth (at least) generation Milk retailer, previous generations having been producer retailers. We have three retail rounds and one semi-retail round and have been NDA members for over forty years, and I now represent Sheffield BMB's at divisional meetings. I have spoken to hundreds of dairy computer users, watched dozens of demonstrations, chosen and used the best system for my use. I had no previous experience of computers. The user manual is excellent and should be read thoroughly. With many options available one finishes up with a system tailored made for one's needs. It is wonderful to have a uniform system throughout the rounds, with very little bookwork or calculation. A manager gets far easier and more accurate control of stock, debts, and roundsmen. Imaginative use of messages on receipts leads to better customer relations and marketing. After initial apprehension all customers and staff quickly became confident in the system and were duly impressed. There is an increased workload in the office and a lot less for the rounds-person. Overall we can present a much more professional image and are able to handle enquires more efficiently.

Steve Hall is Milk Round Software and provides very good back-up. He appears to be always beside the telephone ready to answer queries and solve problems. I would recommend MRS to anyone.

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Retyped letter from Duncan McCallum, Glasgow, Tel. 0141 883 3029

I would like to congratulate Milk Round Software on their program for the milk delivery service. I recently installed the system in my business. This program has been written by someone who really knows the milk delivery service with all it's querks. I have found it very helpful in every aspect of the business, particularly stock control and cash collection. My roundsmen are delighted at the work it saves them and the fact that their rounds-books and accounts are 'spot on' is a bonus. The back-up up service is excellent as there is always someone at the end of the phone to help with any queries. Once again, every success to Milk Round Software with the program, as it really is the one for me, and I'm sure many others if they would only give it a try.

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Retyped letter from David Gutteridge, Sleaford, Tel. 01529 302513

Having decided to set up my own business as a milk rounds person, I was obviously going to need a lot of help before I would be putting my first pint on a customers doorstep. There were so many questions that needed answering:- How would my round be formed? What would I deliver?- Where? How would I collect my money? Many questions, one immediate answer - Milk Round Software! With not a single 'chip' of computer knowledge - I set out on what I believe must be the most efficient, effective and idiot proof of the systems available. It provides the ability to store and print one round, where I began five years ago, up to twelve rounds where I am now. It not only satisfies the milkman but the customer too by printing an itemised weekly bill. This means not only can you be sure of what you're owed, but the customer is confident of what they're being charged for. You can make your services even more popular with the ability to advertise special offers, prizes and promotions at the bottom of the bills. Xmas is the busiest time for a dairy so the ability to put the customers order onto the system in advance is ideal. You're never on your own as support is only a phone call away. Call Steve Hall ... you won't be disappointed.

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Retyped letter from Joe & Ann Tate, York, Tel. 01904 611797

Some 2-1/2 years ago my (Ann) and I were introduced to the computerised world of dairyman. We had just purchased a PC for the office. I was given Steve Hall's telephone number, within two days Steve had arrived with the program and in an hour or so we were well into it.

The benefits of the computer over the rounds book were enormous, monthly accounts, no more laboriously writing out invoices. Corrections only take minutes, which can be do daily or weekly. Holidays maybe entered in advance with changes with changes to the order on return. The 'End of Week Summary' gives all the information ion one sheet, broken down by milk types and goods sold, giving weekly gross profit by item, total payments, total cheque payment and vat sales. Most importantly the system has five different type of delivery sheets. The Business report, give you gross profit, profit margins, and percentages and is very useful information to assist you in running your business.

The Main factor that made Ann & I embrace the computer was the collection invoices. A 3 part invoice, this gives the customer all the details they need, but most of all, in the event of a dispute, all the information for the last year is at your finger tips, It was all too easy to forget to mark the book 'paid'. All in all it was the best move we made, not forgetting that at the end of a telephone was Steve, day or night (well within reason).

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Retyped letter from Mike Stansfield, Todmordon, Tel. 01706 817927

After some fifteen years in the Engineering Industry, my first taste of Milk Delivery was a miserable Tuesday morning last May when I went as an observer on the round I intended to buy. 83 Gallons didn't appear too daunting but how was I ever going to remember who had what and how they preferred to pay?. a quick glance through the complementary copy of Milk Industry International revealed several companies offering software to replace the roundsbook and they all got a call the same day requesting information.

Surprisingly several companies didn't reply and a couple offered systems which only worked on non-PC computers, which only left three to choose from. My final choice was made after speaking to Steve Hall of Milk Round Software.

Being new to the industry it was difficult to know what i expected the software to actually do, but Steve was very helpful and with the 'money back Guarantee' I felt quite confident.

Having received and installed the software the biggest task was entering all the customer details from three roundsbooks which were jumbled up with missing addresses, customer names and the milk type, but after a week of printing delivery lists and modifying the details whilst on the round with the previous Milk-Man i was ready for day one.

I made three mistakes that first week and those were only through mis-reading the printout. my customers were most impressed that i didn't have to work out what they owed when it came to collection day. Some actually wrote to thank me for the professional presentation of their invoices at the end of the month.

I have nothing but praise for Milk Round Software and its author, Steve Hall, I couldn't imagine operating a milk delivery business without them. Just to underline how easy the job is with system I am writing this at the end of the first day of integrating a further 50 gallons to my existing round. I have not been shown the round at all and first saw the roundsbook four days ago!!!.

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Retyped letter from Ray Richardson, Ilkeston, Tel. 01159 394050

I bought my first computer system in 1992 having looked at the many systems on offer. I found Milk Round Software the best. Having no computer experience at all I wanted a simple to use system with plenty of support. I got it all from Steve Hall and MRS. Steve is contactable even on holiday for anyone in trouble.

Now with five rounds of mainly doorstep calls with a mixture of semi-retail the versatility of the system is unbeatable. With help of the computer system (and Steve) my business has grown from one round to five rounds in five years.

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