Hand Helds for Milk Round Software

NOTE - there is a one-off license fee of £115 per HH terminal. If you have one of these terminals please let us know. You can trial the system for free.

Android Devices

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Better to get a Phone or Tablet with a SIM? - Recent additions to system allow "We called while you were out" and Delivery Notes to be sent by SMS and Email.

The system is now available on ANDROID DEVICES (version 2.1 Update 1 and above)!

Android Delivery List

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There are numerous ANDROID phones and tablets from many suppliers which will run the system.

The app is now integrated with the following bluetooth, 58mm thermal printer which is small enought to fit in a pocket (not ruggedised, but available for £35-40 on Ebay) for printing Delivery Notes/ Invoices/Receipts.

Things you need:-

A wireless router as Hotsyncs are done via wifi.

Get the Milk 2.1 Android app from SlideME.

Alternatively Download your Milk USB Installer App here Milk_USB_Installer_180104
Note - to load the Milk App via USB - (ON THE PHONE) you need to click Menu - Settings - Applications - put Tick in Unknown Sources. Then click Development - put Tick in USB Debugging. If the app is already on the phone delete the old version - under settings->applications->manage applications.
Download Installler to your PC (not the phone) then run with the USB cable connected.

You need to download the latest version of MR8/DR8 as the Hot-Sync functionality has been transferred to the main program.

Important - Do email Steve to get your self on the Andoid Users mailing List.

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View notes on using Android Devices with Milk Round Software

Palm Devices

A collection of (the now obsolete) Palm based terminals which will run our software is shown below. These will be available on the secondhand market for some time to come.

The CEO of ACEECA International Limited has assured Milk Round Software that the MEZ1000 ruggized terminal will be available whilst there is sufficient demand.

WARNING - On Windows 7 (& 8) you can only Hot Sync Palm devices via Bluetooth.

Model: MEZ1000
[More Info]

Model: Palm - Tungsten E2
[More Info]

Portable Printers:-

Model: Zerba RW420
(ask for MRS discount)

[More Info]

Model: O'neil MicroFlash
(ask for MRS discount)

[More Info]

Model: Extech S3750
[More Info]

Model: HP450 wbt
[More Info]

Model: Brother MW-140BT
[More Info]

Model: Canon IP90
[More Info]

Something to say about these products? Email comments to steve.

NOTE - there is a one-off license fee of £115 per HH terminal. If you have one of these terminals please let us know. You can trial the system for free.

A recent survey (Sept 2006) of serious Milk Round Software HH users gives the Palm Tungsten E2 the big thumbs up.

Old low memory devices (2Mbyte Memory) are OK you do not need more - week files are typically less than 200k.

If new to MR8 HH usage – just buy ONE – please call me if you have any doubts.

Palm Desktop (the Palm software that runs on your PC)

XP - You need version 4.1.4.

Vista - You need version 6.2 which if not distributed with your Palm HH you can download from the Palm website.


Difficulty Clicking Buttons - You may need to reset the digitizer. Click "Prefs" then "General" then "Digitizer". Carefull select the centre of the cross.

Taking time entering large numbers - You can use the Graffiti written input to enter numbers into MilkRS. Place the cursor on a quantity that needs changing then write the number (like you would with a pen) in the area marked 123 below the screen.

Useful Links:-

Lee Clark - Recommended website for low cost refurbished handhelds: www.luzerntech.com only £48.00 plus £10 delivery for Palm M130 - as new! That was a few years ago but they are still worth a look.

Take a look at www.expansys.com/d_palm.asp they have a full range of offers ( remember Palm OS machines only ).

Take a look at www.totalpda.co.uk they have a full range of offers ( remember Palm OS machines only ).

Take a look at palm pda - Compare Prices & Find the Best Deal HERE!

Take a look at Preloved for secondhand HH machines.

Take a look at www.EBay.co.uk for HH Machine Auction

Take a look at Amazon.co.uk Electronics - Handhelds & PDAs - Palm - Palm PDAs

Take a look at CNet Hardware Review for HH Machines for sale in the USA (Beware of Warranty Problems)

We recommend that customers DO NOT BUY

WARNING - DONOT Buy the Palm TX or Palm Treo or any high priced exotic devices as MR8/DR8 may not work with these devices – if in doubt ask!

Any device that runs the Windows CE operating system.

The early Palm M100/M105/M125 series handhelds as the screen is too small and difficult to see.


Palms with colour screens they are particularly good when working with back lighting in the dark.

Our tester Andy Challoner has 5 * M130 - Colour, 1 * M500 - Colour, 1 * Tungsten - Colour, Bluetooth, Fast Big Processor, Bells, Whistles now down to £100~ish ! They will be used with the PalmGlove a neoprene case to provide protection. He now has six people using the HH's without recourse to paper. He is very happy. I will keep you posted on how he is getting on. Recent Comment - H/H's - always - would never be without them, my lads would quit if they had to give them up! 5 * Palm™ Tungsten™ E2 - the best ones at the most reasonable price, £109.00 + Vat. www.totalpda.co.uk

Malcolm Scott (Guernsey) is working with a Palm IIIc terminal. He delivers to a lot of hotels and uses a Canon 85 inkjet printer in the cab to print delivery notes from the Palm terminal. He is very happy with the way his HH is saving him so much time.

Typical Screens (not to scale):-

Older Terminals are still good value! If you can get hold of them.

Palm IIIc

Palm V

Palm Vx

Palm IIIxe

Palm m505

Sony Clie


The terminals shown are not for sale by Milk Round Software and are displayed only as typical of terminals which will run the MilkRS program on the Hand Held.

All trade marks are acknowledged.

The products shown above are for information purposes only. Milk Round Software make no assertion as to their suitability for your business or fitness for purpose.