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Milk Round Software

The premier software system for dairymen.

Milk Round Software has been developing software systems for dairymen since 1988. MRS has over 700 users all over the UK from Cornwall in the south to Aberdeen in the north including many in Ireland, Guernsey and The Falklands!

Over the past fourteen years Milk Round Software have developed the MRS for windows to deliver the very best of systems and service to the dairy trade ( as well as Van Sales including the distribution of Bread, Pies, Coal and Organic Vegetable Boxes ). Use of the windows system frees you completely for the choice of printers. Opinion is unanimous. All users are very pleased with all aspects this software.

The system is available for rental at 125 p.a. or purchase 450.

Updates and Demo Systems FREE from the Internet.

Updates and Demonstration Systems are available free of charge from our web site on the Internet. If you need help in downloading or installing your system update or demonstration you can call us on Tel 0161 408 5022 (will be patched through to office). You are no longer reliant on your system supplier to send updates - you can get these when you decide.

Whilst Milk Round Software was written specifically for Milk Delivery and Invoice Printing, it is also suitable for Paper Rounds and Van Sales.

If you wish to contact Milk Round Software Users join the forum and ask them yourself.

Hand held Terminals

Android Delivery List

Show Hand Held Movie

Take your round data with you on your Android phone.

Do edits there and then..

Import your customers contact details into your phone and see the Name and Address of your customer when they call you.

See main contents Menu Item - Hand held Terminals.

There is a one-off license fee of 115 per HH terminal.

Test The Android App on your Computer Now!

Click here to ...Get Instructions >>

Integrated Direct Debiting

Milk Round Software has integrated a connection to GoCardless Direct Debting offering the lowest cost Direct Debiting service.

Many people today are "Money Rich" and "Time Poor" and want to manager their lives with the minimum hassle. Often calling to collect the money makes them "Cash Poor" requiring them to have another trip to the ATM to get more. This feature is aimed at making life easier for your customers who have access to a computer.

There is misconception that people are happy with the hassle of logging into their bank to pay you every week/month by bank transfer. Many people just want it to happen.

Direct Debiting significantly improves cash flow!

But what about keeping the personal contact with your customer? DD is of particular use for those customers who are never in, or only pay once every few months or more. With our new system you can make a "pay-off" arrangement where a big debt can be paid off at say 30.00 per month after which the actual amount owning is collected.

It is very low cost - it costs a 10 to collect 800. You get paid within 7 days of posting the direct debits via the internet.

Experience shows that the best results are obtained by, sending an email asking customers if they would like to pay by DD, then if they express an interest, sending a second email with the link so they can set it up themselves.

Your customers are protected by, and you must comply with, the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Web Based Editing of Customers Orders.

No more having to take orders by telephone, fax, answer phone or SMS. No more ringing round for orders! It just happens!

Research would suggest that an increase in business, to web-based customers, of 20-25% is achievable when customers see what you can deliver, can set-up and control the ordering and payment themselves. Our lead user was supplying three university coffee shops he is now going to supply all eighteen! Easy of ordering can drive business!

Much of the code of the website is the same as that in the Android Phone/Tablets devices. Indeed you should think of the facility as a web based tablet that all your (invited) customers can access. This saves you employing people to answer phones, transcribe emails and faxes whilst, improving the accuracy of changes received. If you don't employ people then it will save you a lot of time and money! Users report it is much simpler and less time consuming than sending SMS, emails, faxes or leaving messages on an answer phone. They get feedback that their order was placed, by email if required.

With tablet ownership being over 50% of the population, there is no reason why you should not be routinely obtaining your customers email addresses, sending them emailed invoices and inviting them to on-line editing. You send them a link, via. SMS or email, which they should bookmark on their computer and mobile devices. On clicking the link even on their mobile phone they can change their order.

You can now give customers on-line access to their data. This is working in two Yorkshire dairies. Inital studies suggest that users pay their bills much sooner as they are reminded each day how much they owe. Please have a look - comments welcome - help freely given. There will be a small charge based on usage but for the next month or so it is free.

If the feature is not accessed from you website, use of the system is by invitation only, so you control who has access. So you can start slow and small to build up confidence.

If you have a website you can include an input block like this:-
( Cookies and java script need to be enabled. )
Type Email Address =  
Try typing or - Password is asas

Or email your customers access links of the form of :-
For a doorstep customer -;W8/mf2h3/getcust/5:V5
For a shop customer:-
Or click this link:-

Please email the link For a doorstep customer, or, For a shop customer, above to your mobile phone and open it there. On-line editing can be done on any mobile device Android, Iphone & Windows phones. Most people have a smart phone they carry with them, so that is the ideal vehicle for online order editing.

Standard Letters

Milk Round Software has added a system for creating personalised standard letters that can be sent with invoices, emailed or printed.

MR15 - More than 3,500 customers?

Milk Round Software now has a version of the system that supports 15,000 customers. Please contact us for details.

Standard Letters

Milk Round Software has added a system for creating personalised standard letters that can be sent with invoices, emailed or printed.

MR15 - More than 3,500 customers?

Milk Round Software now has a version of the system that supports 15,000 customers. Please contact us for details.


Milk Round Software comes with unlimited free telephone support (Office Hours only).

New users (if you have had the system upto 2 months from invoice) and people trying out the system can call upto 7:30 pm evenings and weekends.

Support at other times will be charged. We take support of our software seriously. It does help to be connected to the internet. In the very rare event you should need a panic update we can supply it very quickly.

Milk Round Software MR8 & DR8
(for all versions of Windows)

The system embodies the following major enhancements over the previous versions and many enhancements/ refinements/ modifications asked for by users since its first release:-