Please Note

New rules for running MR8/DR8 - due to Windows security features.

Hold down the Windows button and press E. Open the C:\ drive.
Right click on the MR folder and left click Properties. Click on the Security tab.

If you are the only one who uses this machine then select Authenticated Users press the Edit Button and then Full Control, then Apply and OK.

If you share the machine with other none MR8/DR8 users you might need to give just your user that privilege.

Many people don't!. By default data (your week files) are stored on the C Drive in folder C:\mr\data, unless you are running on a netwrok and know where you data is stored, DO NOT CHANGE THIS!

Memory sticks are not designed to be used as primary storage where you have many (10,000's) of read/write cycles to the same physical address.

The purpose of backing up your data is to protect you from Hard Disk Failure, Fire, Your PC being stolen. All of which have happened to my customers in the past.

It is pointless backing up the the C: drive if that fails you loose your backup copy as well.

Ideally the data should be in at least two places. So as an absolute minimum do a Primary Backup to a USB Memory Stick. Which if you keep it plugged in is likely to be stolen or damaged with the PC. So think also about a Secordary Backup to the cloud using Google Drive or DropBox - as well.

Modification History

Most bugs reported here fall into the “slight irritation” class. Most are fixed in very short time. If you find a bug, or you find some aspect of the system particularly annoying, or we have fixed a bug incorrectly, please let us know! We will fix it and post an updated system on our web site:-

17th October 2017

Modified Check DD Payments listing to handle cancelled Mandates.

17th October 2017

The Goto radio group on scrolling list was not saving properly (after 17 years!!!) does now - Thanks Victoria!

Modified Send DD Bills to allow for Mandates cancelled after checking for cancelled Mandates.

Modified links used in DD_Letter please check that works for you.

11th October 2017

One improvement removed another streamlined - Thanks Lee!

8th October 2017

The timeout period had been reduced in error - returned to original value.

7th October 2017

In an effort to detect a zero length mr?_for_Win.xml the system failed when loading on a new computer - fixed.

5th October 2017

Added the hotsyncing of dump data to allow HH operations to be checked for suspicious actions. Needs Milk_2.1 verion MR171003 or later.

Improved the showing of error messages during hotsync.

Made the renaming of HH easier.

Two per page printing total on left hand slips printed in error. Thanks Stephen Cook

Santander Bank Statements some entries on statement not being processed. Code changed but do check all entries are being processed and report any problems. (Thanks Bob!)

24th September 2017

Adding of new Mandates and Deleting cancelled Mandates had been disabled during testing of the new API and was not re-instated - is now!

Please Note - Disabling a Customer resets the ucn - you must check that the DD Data in Customer Detail has been deleted. If the Customer subsequently returns you must resend the DD_Letter to re-establish the (new) ucn-mandate relationship.

16th September 2017

Santander Bank Statements some entries on statement not being processed. Code changed but do check all entries are being processed and report any problems. (Thanks Andy)

14th September 2017

Not showing payouts already processed.

Not setting YES when all customers have been reconciled.

13th September 2017

One entry on statement not being processed. Code changed but do check all entries are being processed and report any problems. (Thanks Andy)

12th September 2017

Improved?? the listing of new categories of payment status.

Improved the listing and instructions for mandates found on GoCardless but not present in your data.

Added reminder that when DD_Letter is sent to your customers, the email must be Digitally Signed (google "comodo email certificate") and Encrypted, to ensure they will be able to click the link.

6th September 2017

The system has been updated to the new "Pro API" standard the old system will not work after 31st October 2017.

Added List DD (historical) payments from a single customer in scrolling list. Right click on D flag customer - then left click on Check GoCardless Payments.

In Scrolling List DD customers are checked on exiting for "D" flags with no DD data, and for DD data with no "D" flag. In both cases you can delay in dealing with these issues.

Standard Letter processing has been changed to remove spurious text being left over from optional paragraphs, and improve the display of the authorisation link in DD_Letter which might have left some people confused.

You can now select all customers by pressing Ctrl+A in the scrolling list.

You can now add multiple Cash Items (Cheese Weights) to the HH and have them hot sync correctly - thanks Andy!.

2nd August 2017

Add "Price" and "Service" to reasons for Cancel UTFN.

Last Invoice Value was not being be saved properly - due to an old modification - thanks Colin!

12th June 2017

Processing .csv statements can now handle blank lines.

In Scrolling List you can nolonger disable payment logging. When payments are displayed on editing the scrolling list and on pressing Log button no edits can be done.

When bringing forward delivery day for just Public Holday Takers all customer where given an alternate standing order even when they did not take public holidays. This sometimes caused cancel overlaps - doesn't now! Thanks - Lee!

5th May 2017

You can now enter select a reason for the UTFN cancellation. Thanks Lee!

This data is transfer to and from the Android App. so you need to update that.

The system now asks if you wish to reset the cancelled days in the current week.

21st April 2017

Windows 10 did it again! NotePad.exe is nolonger distributed with Win 10. So the Payment Log could not be displayed using the Log button at top right. Have resorted to my Results Window so can now.

If you find any other buttons that don't work please email me.

18th April 2017

From now on the addition (or removal) of spaces, commas and full stops, and changing case (Upper/Lower) will not invalidate your edongle. Apologies to all who suffered.

Added Lloyds Bank .csv to statements to be imported and processed. Call to find out how to save a lot of time.

5th April 2017

System crashed when the start of week day is Saturday - doesn't now! Thanks Eli!

4th March 2017

Added Help menu stating rules for statements to be imported.

Added Send Steve Debug Data to the Direct Debit menu in System Utilities.

System now lists all customers that exceed their credit limit (if non zero, set in customer details) - thanks Lee.

Use this when the price is likely to change during the week (typically for Fish bought at market). In Milk Round Utilities - Edit Stock Data put a "V" in the Ty column. Variable priced items cannot be stock managed. These items behave like Cheese Weights but the price for each item must be entered on each if it has not been previously added already for that day. In the Customer Edit screen prices can be changed by pressing F5 whilst the cursor is in the Day field. When a price is entered that price is set for all following days of that week.

You now cannot move cash items (to another day) that are none zero.

Once a a cash item has been set you must now confirm you want to change it. Warning given!

Crashed when Ctrl button pressed (used during testing) - doesn't now.

13th Jan 2017

Some recent changes done it error - rectified. Thankyou Susan!

9th Jan 2017

Some people cannot stop with Double Clicking of MR8 buttons These problems have been fixed in this form.

After Raising and Lowering Phones in the list the form was not properly redrawn - is now.

Checkbox added to Web Interface to allow disabling of Add Items.

Hotsync crashed when customer was added after checking Ordered Collection Lists - doesn't now. Thanks - Mark!

When printing Pre-printed Weekly Invoices for more than one week where there was no deliveries in the last week the invoice was not printed - is now! Thanks - Viv!

7th Dec 2016

These problems have been fixed...??

If this update causes problems then a safe version can be downloaded from http://www.MR8_Installer_161123.exe.

2nd Dec 2016

Historic mods crashed the system due to array bound errors. These problems have been fixed...??

7th Nov 2016

There was a problem with sending letters with invoices if the .htm extension of the letter was in uppercase. Now works with whatever case.

If your windows user has been setup with User Account Conrol you may not have read/write access to the c:\MR folder. This will result in files not being saved in the desired folders. Also windows will virtualise the MR folder in C:\users\your_user\AppData folder with unpredictable results. A new test has been added to detect this on startup. A possible solution is for you to rename the MR folder to MR_old recreate a new MR folder then copy the contents of MR_old to the new C:\MR folder. Make sure you have a full backup before you do this. You only need to do this ONCE!

Currency character for the Euro crashed the system now fixed! Thanks John H..

5th Oct 2016

This warning was issued in error. (In light of previous print problem). What had happened was the website that looks after Edongle and Direct Debit data was upgraded and some aspect to do with my ability to edit the edongle data was blocked. All appears to be back to normal now.

Listing of UTFN cancels added during week now shows amount owing and contact telephone numbers. Thanks Lee!

The function has been changed to account for businesses who want the holiday order on the next day if the quantity is higher. Do check it worked! It's very new. Thanks Viv!

28th Sept 2016

Error in code allowing me to clone users - fixed!

26th Sept 2016

Added code allow Hotsync (update) of cloud file from c:\mr\data\Cloud_downloads\ folder!

Fixed after attempts to circumvent Windows Update bugs.

12th Sept 2016

All names removed from emails via Outlook.

Use restored please test.

22nd June 2016

Added a bit more clarity perhaps.

The system does not allow you to set a Secondary Backup Destination if it does not exist.

22nd June 2016

Added code to aid the debugging of Web Based Ordering!

20th June 2016

One Step forward two steps back! This got screwed up by 17th Update - Thanks Eli!

17th June 2016

Added by popular demand!

Sorry folks! A side-effect of adding the Total Active Customers to the The of Week Summary was that the VAT totals were double the correct values. Sorry still got it wrong - have removed affending code and counted total active customers in a different way.

15th June 2016

Crashed whilst processing "ignore entry rule" - fixed.

11th June 2016

A side-effect of adding the Total Active Customers to the The of Week Summary was that the VAT totals were double the correct values.

Text sizes in list increased slightly.

9th June 2016

If you have a very mixed up stock list make one of these. Improvements:-
1- Click on Type/Subtype on LHS moves cursor to that item in the RHS list to aid checking. If it points to the wrong item then press Delete.
2 - Presssing the Delete key on keyboard deletes that entry in type/s list.
3 - Added the Search facility so the you can display all cheese (say) in one go.
4 - Improved saving so system crash keeps any changes made.

I have just been working in this (there are no right or wrong answers you make work for you) Type/Subtype List:-