You should NOT DOWNLOAD this system onto a computer currently running an MR8_for_Win system with any of the following characteristics:-

New to system?

Seems too complicated for you? Don't know where to start?

Call Steve for a simple walk through (driving lesson) which takes about 5 minutes, or call for a no obligation chat!

If you need advice please call Steve on Tel. 0161 408 5022 ( patched to office ) Please let it ring for 1 minute.

Click link below for demo/update - approx size 5.5 Mbytes.

This will over-write the system you a currently running. Your data will not be affected.

On 64bit versions of windows If you get the "Three Milk Bottles" and nothing else then restart your system, download this file Download wdrvr_64bit_Installer.exe and run it - it will overwrite the copy that is already there! Your MR8_for_Win should then start as usual.

Please Print this Page

How to load this system:-

  1. When you down load it you must be able to find it. Suggest you down load to Desktop it will then appear as an icon on your desktop.
  2. Double click the MR8_Installer icon this creates all necessary directories then copies files to them. Click "Next" until you get to "Finish". It will not overwrite your data.
  3. Click MR8_for_Win icon on desktop.
  4. You should be able to click on 'Edit Cust' button. (Demo now initialises database automatically.)
  5. If you do not get 'Your First Customer' displayed or have any other problems please call Steve (see Contact Us for details).

If you are not personally connected to the Internet then you can get a friend to down load to a CD disk then instead of step 1. above select My_Computer then CD drive with the CD disk in your computer. Find DR8_Installer and double click it.