Virus Alert!

Even if you have Anti-Virus Software running DONOT ignore this page.

If you don't have Anti-Virus AND Web Protection Software then you are trying to ignore the subject!

NIS virus warning

Computer Viruses are a VERY real threat to your business. The havoc caused by virus infection is enormous. It may take several days to recover your data so most computer engineers don't bother! They wipe the hard disk...good-by data. This, if your lucky will solve the problem. If not, then it may require a new hard disk motherboard, power supply, memory etc. They are all vulnerable to virus attack. Viruses are becoming much more sophisticated.

I am becoming more aware of MR8 users having to replace their machines or having to send their machines for virus removal. I also keep getting emails from users machines that are obviously part of (been taken over by) a botnet. - December 2013

Buy and install anti-virus/web protection software and keep it up to date! I use Norton Internet Security there are others. NIS costs about 25 from PCWorld in their sales and can be loaded on 3 PC.s.

Things to watch out for:-

Emails with .zip, .js .doc attachments. Don't open unless you know the person it comes from and you are expecting it! Check the email address of the person sending especially ones ending in anything odd

A lot of these are sent out purporting to come from parcel delivery companys. Do check the reply to address you will find it is not correct or suspicious.

Never click on a link in an email that purports to be from a bank/paypal/ebay to a form that requires you to enter your personal details. If it becomes a problem then the company will contact you in another way.

I had a phone call from a guy purporting to be from my bank about some suspicious transaction on my account. He wanted to verify my identity by asking me for my date of birth. I declined. I called my bank they had no knowledge of any suspicious transactions!

I had a phone call from a guy purporting to be from Microsoft Support - he is out to get you. MS don't call people.


Check your machine for viruses on-line at