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This is my testimonial to Steve Halls Milkround Software. After 10 years of running Milkrounds on the old manuel system, eg delivery books, collecting books etc I decided to try a computerised system. I was fed up with spending countless hours altering customer orders, writing up collecting books prior to collecting, working out delivery orders for the dairy and transfering notes from customers for holidays etc to my collecting books and delivery sheets.

I found Steves Website, liked what I saw and contacted him directly. He talked me through various of the software, advised me on the different handhelds available and advised me to download the demo version. After trying out the demo version I decided to go ahead and purchase the full version. Steve invited me to his home to set up the software on my laptop and held hand computer. I arivived at his home at about 11.00am one Saturday morning and by 12.30 all the Milkround software was set up along with all the expert instruction on how to use it correctly. Any problems that I encountered were rectified by Steve immediately by means of a simple telephone call. For the first few weeks I was in contact with Steve for guidance, He was extremely helpful and time was not a problem, I could not wish for better service, he could teach Marks and Spencers a thing or two!

In my opinion, Milkround Software is the best thing I have ever purchased, it saves me around 7 hours a week in paperwork. My milk orders are done at the touch of a button, my delivery lists are all ready for me, there are numerous reports available to check stock, profit, holidays and everything else. I used to dread getting home in a morning after the round and then having to process all the customer notes and holidays etc before then having to tot up my delivery order for the next days delivery. Any customer ammendments are entered into the Handheld when I find them so when I get home the next days delivery order is yet again a touch of a button. Price increases take 15 minutes, weekly reports such as profit sheets etc are instant.

If you are thinking of going computerised you must give Steve a ring, it is a remarkable product and the service is outstanding, I would recommend it to any Dairyman whatever the size of your round. This product has literally changed my life, no more stressful paperwork, everything I need at hand immediately. You may think I must be on commission for writing such a highly praising report, but that isnt so. I would gladly have paid double for the software knowing what I know now and that is the truth. If anyone would like to speak to me as an independent user of the software I can be contacted on Bradford 01274 606909 or my mobile is 07958 905132. Well done Steve, I owe you so much.



Chris.Spakouskas / e-mail:

Comments : Hi Steve, MRS is still the best thing that I ever bought for the milk round.

Louise Voakes / e-mail:

Comments : Brilliant software programme.

K & LM Jenkinson /

Brilliant program, fantastic after sales support.

Your program is still the best thing since sliced bread.  I can sit down Thursday nights and in two hours can have the whole weeks milk differences to deliveries booked in, the collect lists printed and all professionally produced invoices ready (with address labels) ready to go out Friday am.   It's a far cry from the time when I did it all by hand and it took me nearly 3 nights work.  

Since purchasing your software I now work full time and just support Keith doing the paperwork/computer side of the business.  Something I could not have dreamed of doing prior to MILKROUND SOFTWARE.     Yours very gratefully   Keep up the brilliant work and support   Linda J

Comments : Just arrived back from our 1st ever holiday together in 42 years! (Florida with grandchildren) If not for your system we could not even have contemplated it!! A guy delivered but NO paperwork was done for the 2 weeks (total 3 weeks as none done the weekend we went) It has taken me all day to pick up differences from his lists, print invoices & collect lists for the period, but it's done and we are back up to date! THANK GOD FOR MILKROUND SOFTWARE, AND OF COURSE YOU STEVE. Linda Jenkinson

We would like to thank you and your program for all the help over the years. Before Milk Round Software it was a 2 day job to formulate collect lists and invoices. I have thoroughly enjoyed using the program and all it's extremely useful menus. Even the simple things like printing labels, loading lists etc etc I could wax lyrical all day about the fantastic help it has been. Your support over the years equals no other product we have ever bought. You have been on hand even when at airports!! I remember in the early days when I telephoned and you were abroad, I didn't realise until half way through the conversation and then felt awful, but you didn't mind at all. I told friends and family and they were astounded that you should offer such support. I can't speak highly enough of you, anyone wanting any convincing just tell them to ring me, I would never have been able to go to work at a job I loved without your software, it made such a difference to the weekly bookeeping. Thank you so much once again.

Andy Mann, Hopewall Farm /

Great to use, excellent advice service. Why anyone still uses roundsbooks and biros is a mystery!!!!

Tony Mallon, Ireland /

Hi Steve, Just letting you know that I have just done our EURO upgrade. Everything has gone perfect. I had done my Roll Forward into Week 52 first on the new windows version. No errors were reported. The upgrade took less than  1 second. I wonder is that a world record??!!! Anyway, many thanks for your assistance once again. We are absolutely thrilled that it has gone as well as this. May we wish you and your family a HAPPY NEW YEAR IN 2002. Regards

Mike Pratley Charlbury Dairy, Oxford….Tel 01608 810534 / e-mail Mike at

Having been with Steve Hall and Milk Round Software for the last 9 years, we were delighted to be told by him of his new version known as MR8 for Windows. This version is exceptionally good and much easier to use with several more new features. You have the freedom to choose whichever type of printer that suits you, whether it be laser, ink-jet or even dot-matrix. Steve's efficiency at answering E Mails, Faxes or phone calls, on queries you might have is first class and someone who has never used a computer beforehand will gain confidence in their ability and simplicity of this system. The immaculate invoices, end of week summaries, delivery lists ( which are printed more boldly ), stock lists, weekly and monthly collection lists etc, are all of exceptionally good quality.

Personally I think MR8 for Windows has now become the system of the new millenium. It is a much more polished system with the editing done via the mouse ( which is much quicker ) or the keyboard. With the updates and support now available via the internet, in my eyes, this is the best system around for any dairyman, it has certainly halved my time in the office and I feel sure that once you have sent for demonstration you will be pleased with the results you can achieve..

Andrew Challoner AMS, South Wirral….Tel 0151 353 8121 / e-mail Andy at

AMS was formed in 1985 and serves both doorstep and semi-retail calls in the South Wirral area of Cheshire. AMS [originally Andrew's Milk Supplies] is run by Andrew Challoner and now employs 6 full time staff and four part time staff. With 4 Doorstep Rounds, Two Semi-Retail Rounds and a product selection of over 1000 lines a computer system is imperative.

When computerised milk systems first appeared on the market, I foreseeing the future jumped on the bandwagon straight away. Having used the same system over the last 12 Years I had become trapped in terms of familiarity with my old dos based system. Over the last five years I have reviewed virtually every milk round system on the market and have even purchased two, but have always returned to my original. The need for a windows based system that can work with any printer and an interface which is user friendly has finally been met by Steve Hall, enter MR8 for Win.

Throughout the last few months I have conversed with Steve and beta tested MR8 for him, what a wonderful and easy system to use, comprehensive, robust and with an insight of how a milk round works one point that so many other software packages miss out on. Having never used the original DOS based MRS, I, as a new user, can vouch that the migration to Steve's system from other packages is truly a simple and rewarding affair and one that all businesses who wish to go forward need to take. Low cost, superb support and a package that knows what its doing. MR8 for WIN, AMS for MRS.
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Ian Robinson

Well Steve I was only talking about u the other day, with a farmer who has a milkround, I was telling him about how good your software is!. I haven't had a milkround for 6 yrs now but still trying to convert people for you.

I wondered if u had a web site and low and behold you have......I've copied something's off and I will send them to him. Nice to see you are still going strong and developing the system for windows, moving u can guess I was very impressed with the system, the best thing I ever bought for the round......hope everything is ok with you. All the best in the future.

Linda Jenkinson

The program is saving me hours of time and endless brain power after our last program. I would recommend it to anyone it's been a godsend.

I am going away for two weeks at the end of June and will be able to produce invoices and collect lists for when I'm away and just leave them to adjust  the collect lists on paper.  I don't want any hiccups on my computer!!!

Thanks once again for all the support, I only wish we'd heard about your system years ago. Eternally grateful

Dennis Newton /

Things can only get better (its come a long way from 2x3.5 inch floppies (Amstrad 8512) on a sunday afternoon 20 years ago (16years actually).