Using Android Devices

Install App on Phone/Tablet:-

From Google Play Store - click search icon and type "milk round software". Select app and download/

Get the Milk 2.1 Android app from SlideME.

Alternatively Download your Milk USB Installer App here Milk_USB_Installer_140319
Note - to load the Milk App via USB - (ON THE PHONE) you need to click Menu - Settings - Applications - put Tick in Unknown Sources. Then click Development - put Tick in USB Debugging. If the app is already on the phone delete the old version - under settings->applications->manage applications.
Download Installler to your PC (not the phone) then run with the USB cable connected.

On Tablet/Phone - When you have the app on the phone look through the apps list. Long click the app and then draw it to the position on the desktop (phonetop??) where you want it to reside. Start the app.

Try out with Test Data:-

On the front page of the phone app click menu - then Import Test Data File. Play with test data. The test data only delivers on Mon, Wed, Fri amp; Sat. DO NOT HOT SYNC TEST DATA! When finished got back to front page click menu - Delete Weekfile

Things you need:-

I wireless router as Hotsyncs are done via wifi.

On to your PC - download the latest verion of MR8_for_Win which incorporates the Android Hotsyncer.

As the MR8_for_Win program requires access to the Internet and your local Wifi network you need to tell your firewall that the MR8_for_Win.exe program should be allowed!

Norton Internet Security

Open NIS then click on Settings - Anitivirus and SONAR exclusions - Computer - Items to Exclude from Auto Protect and SONAR and Download Inteligence Detection - click on Add Folder type "C:\mr".

Windows Firewall

Open Controll Panel - type Firewall into search box. Click on Allow a Program through the Firewall. You should see a list of installed programs. If MR8_for_Win.exe is in the list - Click the Allow status. If MR8_for_Win.exe is not on that list click the Browse button and browse to C:\mr and select the program from there.

Setting up an Anroid Phone User.

In MR8_for_Win program (on front page) click the Android HotSync button.

On Tablet/Phone - front screen of App press Menu - Hotsync - Menu - IP address = to set IP address - this is the IP address of the machine running MR8_Hot_Sync you can read this from the PC screen of Android HotSync. (or type IPCONFIG into a Command Prompt on your PC the IP address should start "192.168..."). The IP address will change over time (when router is rebooted and at other times).

On Tablet /Phone - Then in HotSync screen press Menu - User = set User Name to a short character string.

On Tablet/Phone - You should check the Username and IP Address displayed press Menu to change these.

On Tablet/Phone - In the Hotsync screen of Milk click the two reminder check boxes (screen should turn green) then press Continue with Hotsync.

On PC - in Android HotSync You should get a message that "No Round Setup for Phone Username". Click on menu "Setup Android Users" select the round you want. Click OK. Then highlight the username of the phone in the list and click OK. You should get the question "Is Phone User the terminal for Round x" click Yes. This will take you into the screen "Authorize Users" select your Username and click the Authorize User button, Answer Yes to "Do you want to Authorise Phone" then cancel out back to the front screen.

On PC - in Android HotSync Click "Get Edongle Status" menu. After this click "Authorize Users" menu you should see your Username and time it is authorized for.

Hot Syncing your data Using MR8_for_Win.

On PC - Click the Android HotSync button.

On Tablet/Phone - On front screen of Milk 2.1 App press Menu - Hotsync check that the username and IP address are correct, then click the two reminder check boxes (screen should turn green) then press Continue with Hotsync. Your data should be transferred from and to the phone.

Won't Hot-Sync?

  1. Have you ever had a Hot-Sync working?? If not check you have done all in Run the Android HotSync program (first time) above.
  2. Restart your wifi router (power off/on).
  3. Check phone is connected to wifi and you can google something.
  4. Check the network you are connected on the Phone is the same one your PC is connected to.
  5. Exit out of MR8_for_Win - Right click on MR8_for_Win shortcut and run as administrator.
  6. IP address and Port no on the phone must be same as on Android HotSync screen.
  7. If still having difficulty turn off firewall.
  8. MR8_for_Win must be running with Android - Hotsync screen open. To check if any program is listening to that port - You need to open Command Prompt (you must right click on this shortcut and run as Administrator). Then type netstat/b this lists the name of the program and the listening port. If port 55155 is missing it is being prevented by your security system.
  9. Wireless phones can affect the reception of Wifi - In one case it was next door's Wireless phone!

Hot Syncing across the Internet

You will need the IP address of your user on the internet (not the one starting 192.168...). You can get this by clicking MYMilkBill on the front screen. You will have to enable Port Forwarding for port 55155 to the machine running Android HotSync. The protocol is TCP. Also unless you get a fixed IP address from your ISP IP address are dynamic (they change over time).

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme started with shades of blue. I have abandond this on the Deliveries List and Payments List but I am very interested in what you think abount white on black?


After each edit the system backs up your data to the SDCARD. Do BACKUP before Hot Syncing so you can recover if things go wrong!. Do CHECK the Hot-Sync Log to make sure edits have happened. If there are any problems with Hot-Syncing email me your weekfile and the .ccc file you will find at C:\mr\data\phones\user\wk20yyww.ccc BEFORE YOU HOT_SYNC AGAIN!

If there is something you don't understand give me a call on Tel. 0161 408 5022 or contact details

FEEDBACK and Bug Reporting

Ideally when you report a bug I need the weekfile c:\mr\data\Week2011nn and also the C:\mr\data\phones\username\wk2011nn.ccc file. This is the file that is transferred from the phone to the PC during the hot sync.

I have just been through a crash report sent to me by Google. It was immensely useful because the user added a message telling me what he was doing when it crashed and to which customer the only thing I didn't have is his name and his data. However, I recognised who the bug belonged to because only one person had reported this bug and I had his data. Bug now fixed!!! - Will upload soon.

So if you have an option of entering a message please use it. Please tell me who you are so if I need more info I can contact you and get it. I also need a clear account of what you did (menus selected etc ) on which customer.